Robo Settlers
Based in Kaunas, Lithuania

Founding date:
July 1, 2016


Press / Business contact:



Savanorių pr. 178, LT-50182, Kaunas, Lithuania

+370 683 73146


Robo Settlers is a mobile game for everyone. Build floors, solve puzzles, buy robots, upgrade your rocket and discover the universe!


Early history

Hello, Robo Settlers team here! We are three students studying at Kaunas university of technology. Three guys - a guy who wanted to make games since middle school and believed that no matter what he will succeed in his dreams, a guy who loves coding but didn’t want to spend his life coding e-shops and business apps for some IT companies, and a guy who didn’t really knew why he was studying programming in the first place and thought that if he has a pen tablet he already is an artist (seriously dude, how naive were you??). And yet we are three dudes who had a clear and united vision - that we want to make a living by doing what we love the most - games. Our game development journey began in the spring of 2016 at an event called Hacker games. It is an event that pools eager entrepreneurs, software developers and engineers into a confined space for two days and challenges them to create a cool unique product. We decided to try and make a simple game for mobile devices and test ourselves. After two sleepless days and a ton of energy drinks we were finished with an alpha demo version and guess what - we succeeded and our game won a prize from unity - Unity Pro licence for a year. At that moment we truly realised that we can actually achieve something this awesome if we really put the effort and time.

After that

Later days passed as we tried to come up with something so cool that would instantly put us among the giants of gaming industry (oh boy we thought). And yes, soon enough we realised that it’s not all that easy. We struggled to come up with a simple yet fun and unique idea to build a game around. We even had serious doubts that maybe we are just not fit for this. Spring came and our exams began so we could not give as much time as we wanted, our work schedule was very scattered. We basically were giving up. Then in our time of need a prophet (sort of ^^) appeared. A chat with Liudas Ubarevičius happened. Liudas - once a fellow student of the same university and one of the founders of “Sneakybox” - a company of professional game development for PC and mobile platforms. We had an inspiring conversation where Liudas shared his past experience as a student trying to make games and how he went about it. He gave us the emotional push we really needed. That making a game takes enormous amounts of time and the only way of making our dream come true is to not give up and keep trying. After a few more conversations he decided to help us out and guide us to publishing our first game. And that was it. From then on together we are working for half a year now and it has been a blast. Together we came up with an idea of Robo Settlers. Together we have already visited White Nights Conference in Moscow and showcased our game in biggest gaming culture expo in Baltics – GameOn!



Robo Settlers teaser video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (21MB)

There are far more images available for Robo Settlers, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Awards & Recognition

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Check out Sneakybox http://www.sneakybox.lt.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Liutauras Tvarijonas
Social media

Deividas Krunkauskas

Rytis Kazakevicius

Laura Morkunaite

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